Privacy Policy

The privacy policy describes which information is collected and how it is used. Also, with whom we share your information and what measures have been taken to protect it on our website.

1. What information do we collect directly from you?

We may collect your basic information when you register with us on our website or use our services. This information is collected for sales, support, payment, and registration purposes.

  • Personal information such as first and Last name, Email address, Phone number, Billing/shipping address, and credit card number.
  • Your account and purchase information are part of the services we provide.
  • Also, collect user feedback, chats, and business demographic data.
  • The communication content is collected from the email, phone, or other means of communication channels that you use to communicate with us.

2. Do we store the third-party Id & password?

No, we don’t store third-party IDs and passwords but pass them directly to the third-party partners when they request us to confirm your identity. The situation when you ask to prequalify for their products, and they allow you to access your financial information on our site.

Information is automatically collected by the website & Server

Some of the information is collected when you use our website and services. It is automatically collected and recorded from your computer, web browser, and/or mobile device.

  • IP address or any device’s address that you use to access our site.
  • Type of web browser and device.
  • Geolocation data and the device you use to access our site.
  • Pages you have visited the site.
  • Your activity on the site, such as the electronic oath you use to visit our site and your clicks, views, and interactions on the site.
  • Times and dates of your visit on our website or services used.

3. Cookies

When you access our website, we send the cookies on your device. Thus, one type of cookie gets deleted just after you leave the site and close the browser, whereas another cookie remains in the browser to find us easily.

You can delete those cookies from your browser’s settings. Also, if you don’t accept the cookies, you may not be able to enjoy the site’s features to their fullest.

4. Other instances of collecting information

Some complex issues require experts to take control of your system in order to resolve them. This may require you to share some essential information that is helpful for the purpose of receiving an issue on your system.

However, we ensure that your system data, personal docs, images, and others that have no use in the resolution process will be safe and won’t be accessed by our experts.

Live sessions: If the issue requires a live session, this may be recorded for our privacy and quality check.

Payment details: We use secure SSL encrypted gateways that ensure users’ privacy.

5. Protecting your information

We are thoroughly aware of the security concerns and malicious activities. Thus, we ensure that your data stays safe and stored within our territory; we use the latest and advanced technology measures.

Why we need your information

  • Firstly, be assured that none of our ProAdvisors have the intention to sell your personal data to a third party without your consent.
  • Your personal and financial information is only used to provide reliable and desired services.
  • Further, this information helps us find ways to enhance our services, work upon your expectations and needs and add new features that foster a better user experience.