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QuickBooks checks enable you to issue checks and monitor your cash outflows. You can find voucher checks, standard checks, wallet checks, manual, and office and away checks. After making a check, you can print it directly in QuickBooks Online. You can also configure print settings for standard or voucher checks.

In this post, we will tell you more about types of QuickBooks checks, creating and printing them.


What Are QuickBooks Checks

These are checks that are particularly made to support the QuickBooks accounting software. They come in standard, custom, and high-security styles. The standard ones are very basic, while the custom checks in QuickBooks allow for greater personalization.

You can customize the check with your business logo and colors. There are also high-security checks, which offer more security functionalities to safeguard you against fraud. They have features such as a security coating to block tampering, a heat-sensitive symbol that prevents photocopying, and a custom watermark. This safeguards against forgery.


1. Configure your printer

  • Go to the ‘File’ menu and tap ‘Printer setup.’
  • From the drop-down list of Form Name, choose ‘Check/Paycheck.’
  • Now choose ‘Font’ as the check style.
  • Tap ‘Align’ followed by ‘Print.’
  • Adjust the settings and tap ‘OK.’
  • Now, tap the ‘Print Sample’ option.
  • Tap ‘Align’ again.


2. Write QuickBooks Checks

  • From the main menu, tap the ‘Banking’ tab.
  • Now choose ‘Write checks.’


3. Create QuickBooks checks

  • Enter the relevant information in the following fields:
  1. Bank Account – Use the account from where the money will be debited.
  2. Print Later – Place a tick here if you want to make a check but print it later.
  3. Pay to the Order of – Here, you only need to enter the name of the payee.
  4. No. – Here, input the number from the check that you will put in the printer
  5. Date – This contains the date when the check is issued.
  6. Amount – Input the check amount
  7. Address – You don’t need to enter anything as it will get automatically filled up based on the data provided during the setup process.
  8. Memo – Use this field if you need to give additional data.
  9. Expenses tab – Give the check to one or more QuickBooks items or accounts.

After filling out all these fields, tap ‘Save.’


4. Print the check

You can print multiple checks or one at a time. Follow these steps to print the check individually.

  • Input the check number besides the ‘First Check Number’ field.
  • Now, choose from either the Voucher, Wallet, or Standard style.
  • Choose your printer and hit ‘Print.’

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How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

You must first set up your QB Online to print checks. After that, add checks to the print queue and print them out.

1. Configure the print settings.

  • Choose ‘+New’ followed by ‘Print Checks.’
  • Now, choose ‘Print Setup.’
  • Choose a type of check and then view its preview.
  • You can then select ‘Print’ and see your sample check.
  • It would be best to install or update your Adobe Reader.


2. Add your checks to the print queue.

The next step to start printing QuickBooks checking, add checks to the print queue. When you record a new check, use the ‘Print Later’ checkbox. Alternatively, select the ‘Print Check’ option to add the check to the print queue. This will allow you to print all the checks at a single time.


3. Perform QuickBooks check printing from the print queue.

After stacking the checks in the queue, start printing them. Here’s the process to follow.

  • Choose ‘+ New’ followed by ‘Print checks.’
  • Now load your checks onto the printing machine.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the checking account from which you made the check.
  • Input your check number in the ‘Starting check number’ field.
  • Choose the checkbox beside every check you wish to take out a print of.
  • Now, choose to preview and finally select ‘Print.’
  • Tap ‘Done’ if the check prints properly.


How to Order QuickBooks Checks

Users can order basic voucher checks. This can be done from the ‘Banking’ page. Use these steps to order these checks.

  • Navigate to ‘Bookkeeping’ followed by ‘Transactions.’
  • Here, choose ‘Bank transactions.’
  • Alternatively, navigate to ‘Banking.’
  • Find the ‘Update’ option and choose the arrow beside it.
  • Now, choose ‘Order Checks.’
  • Employees who utilize direct deposits can print checks as paystubs.


What are the Advantages of Using QuickBooks Checks 

A business can experience various benefits of using checks in QB.

  • QB checks protect you from the confusion that comes from printing checks from various transactions. It consolidates the information from all accounts so you can print from numerous accounts without any accounting errors.
  • Incorporating the QuickBooks Online Check Writer lets you handle all the checks for your customers on a single unified platform.
  • It is easy to make different checks and download them to the Check Writer. It facilitates you to print checks from any account without any hassles.
  • QuickBooks gives you the Blank Check facility. It protects you from instances of check fraud. The Check Writer from QuickBooks Online allows you to safeguard your bank details.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What kinds of checks are in QuickBooks?

There are various kinds of checks in QB that you can use according to your business. The first is the voucher checks with a detachable voucher. Next are the wallet checks that come three on a single page. There are also standard checks, which are a common option for vendors that require payment details.

What is the cost of QuickBooks checks?

QuickBooks checks are available for both Online and Desktop versions. They begin at $14 and can go up to $29. The ones with the higher price tag are full-color checks with lines.

What is the usual limit for QuickBooks checking?

On average, you can withdraw up to $1000 in a single day from an ATM. Within a month, you can withdraw up to $5000.


Concluding Words 

QuickBooks checks come with various security levels and styles. These are ideal tools for companies wanting to handle their accounting and finance tasks more effectively. If you have any queries about using them, consult a QB technical expert.



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